How to cook a fish soup from a saury

How to cook a fish soup from a saury

It is required to you

  • On two liters of water:
  • - Sayry bank;
  • - Potatoes of 2-3 pieces;
  • - Carrots (average) 1 piece;
  • - Rice of round 2 tablespoons;
  • - Onions (average) 1 piece;
  • - Tomato paste of 1 tablespoon (to taste);
  • - Greens (to taste);
  • - Salt, pepper.


1. Rice is washed carefully out to transparency. I take always round because it perfectly is suitable for such fish soup. We put a pan with water on strong fire, we fill up our washed-out rice there.

2. While water begins to boil, we will prepare all necessary vegetables. We peel potatoes and we cut in cubes. Carrots can be grated or to chop small. Small to crumble onions.

3. As soon as water with rice began to boil, we put potatoes there and we put fire on average. We cook about seven-eight minutes.

4. We fry carrots on vegetable oil, in three minutes we add onions and we brown two-three more minutes. At will after roasting of onions it is possible to add tomato paste and to extinguish a baking plate a cover five minutes. I add tomato paste on the mood.

5. When potatoes are ready, we add the fried vegetables to broth. We cook on slow fire one-two minutes.

6. We open canned food. We crush a saury by means of a fork directly in bank. We put in soup and we allow to boil a couple of minutes. By the way, the saury can be not crushed, and to put integral pieces as it is pleasant to you more.

7. We salt, we pepper and we add greens to taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team