How to cook a pork heart

How to cook a pork heart

The pork heart consists of a dense muscular tissue and possesses a peculiar smell. That the offal turned out soft, long cooking or suppression is required. But heart in finished form is easily cut on thin layers. It can be given snack, having beautifully served on a plateau, and it is possible to make aspic, as of language.

It is required to you

  • pork heart;
    • black pepper;
    • bay leaf;
    • carrots;
    • onions;
    • leek;
    • potatoes;
    • haricot;


1. Cut a pork heart lengthways and clean from large blood vessels and films. Wash with flowing water, try to remove blood coagulums as much as possible.

2. Put a pan with water on fire. If you plan in broth from under heart to boil vegetables, put a full teapot on other ring.

3. Put pieces of an offal in the boiling water. Kind of well you didn't wash out heart, but foams from curled up the squirrel will be much. Boil heart of minutes ten. Get it from broth and pour boiled water from a teapot. Put on a plate.

4. Merge dirty broth, wash up a pan from the stuck foam at the edges. Fill in a fresh portion of boiled water from a teapot. Salt to taste. Put heart in a pan and continue to prepare.

5. Remove the appearing foam a skimmer. Periodically check that heart didn't stick to a pan bottom, pick up it a spoon and overturn.

6. You cook a pork heart about two hours. For half an hour until ready put the cleaned small morkovina in broth. If carrot large, then cut it on large pieces. Add several peas of a black pepper, bay leaf and a root of parsley. To taste it is possible to add allspice and a head of the onions exempted from a peel.

7. Cool an offal in broth. Heart on air becomes covered by a dark zavetrenny crust.

8. Shift heart in a bowl and use it for preparation of dishes at once. If you place the welded heart in the fridge, then you store it in a container with a dense cover or close food wrap.

9. Filter the remained broth. On it cook leek, potatoes, cabbage, haricot. Serve ready vegetables with the pork heart cut on pieces. Strew a dish with the crushed greens. Separately serve sauce.

10. Sauce. Mix couple of spoons of good tomato paste with sour cream. Take sour cream at will, than its is more, that sauce will turn out softer. Cut in cubes salty or marinated cucumbers. Implicate them in sauce.

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