How to cook a traditional mushroom soup

How to cook a traditional mushroom soup

The mushroom soup in Russia became known with origin of forest collecting. Then it also occupied one of the first positions in the Russian national cuisine. He prepares quickly and ingredients are available to everyone.

It is required to you

  • - 250 g of fresh mushrooms;
  • - 1 head of onions;
  • - 1.5 l of water;
  • - 2 pieces of potatoes;
  • - 1.5 tablespoons of olive oil;
  • - 1 carrots;
  • - fresh greens and spices to taste.


1. The mushroom soup perfectly is suitable for those who observe a post. At the same time it quite nutritive at the expense of mushrooms which on the energy and nutrition value excellently replace meat, without conceding in gustatory qualities.

2. There are many various recipes for a mushroom soup. As ingredients in this dish it is possible to meet pearl barley, carrots and potatoes. It is easy to cook a mushroom soup, and the most important, it is possible from any edible mushrooms. Here everything depends on personal flavoring addictions.

3. Today there was a set of the interpretations of a mushroom soup borrowed in other countries. Including the cream soup which came to us from France enjoys wide popularity. Its preparations differs from usual in what all ingredients crush in the blender. After that add a certain amount of cream to cream soup. By the way, such dish is perfectly combined with shrimps.

4. Put mushrooms in the small enameled pan, salt and fill in with water. Bring them to the boil and boil on average fire within 20-30 minutes. If for preparation of this soup you use not champignons, then drain water and repeat the procedure once again. Also fill in them with 1.5 liters of cold water and salt. Boil broth within 20 minutes on average fire.

5. Clean carrots and onions and small cut. Fry vegetables in a frying pan with addition of olive (sunflower) oil on slow fire until ready.

6. Peel potatoes, and cut into cubes. Lower it in broth and you cook within 15-20 minutes. After that add to broth vegetable subfrying and spices to taste. Cover soup and you cook on slow fire of 10-15 minutes.

7. Pour ready soup on portion soup plates. Decorate a dish with the fresh crushed greens.

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