How to cook adjika

How to cook adjika

Perhaps, not to find the hostess who doesn't know what is adjika. The real adjika is from Abkhazia, it is very hot spicy spice which main component is burning paprika. Use it for preparation of meat dishes and use with vegetable and practically all dishes. Slavs thought up the options of preparation of adjika which can be eaten with spoons, having just smeared on bread. One of them, the most widespread, is given below.

It is required to you

  • red tomatoes - 5 kg;
    • sweet red pepper - 0.5 kg;
    • bitter paprika - 3 big pods;
    • garlic - 0.5 kg;
    • apples - 0.5 kg;
    • carrots - 0.5 kg;
    • horse-radish root - 100 g;
    • vegetable oil - 1 glass;
    • salt and sugar - to taste.
    • fennel greens
    • parsley


1. Choose all components for adjika fresh and juicy, damaged and stale throw out. Prepare vegetables for preparation of adjika - wash and clean everything. In apples remove a core with seeds and peel them. Seeds can be not deleted from a paprika - advantage of adjika will be more.

2. Overwind tomatoes, sweet and bitter pepper, apples and carrots on the meat grinder, grate horse-radish, put everything together in the enameled basin and put on a plate. You cook about an hour after boiling until tomatoes are almost ready.

3. Add small chopped or crushed garlic, salt and sugar to taste, vegetable oil. At will put greens. You cook 15-20 more minutes until ready.

4. Spread out ready adjika in the sterilized banks and twirl. You store in the storeroom at the room temperature, the natural preservatives which are contained in adjika - bitter pepper, garlic and horse-radish won't allow it to be spoiled. It perfectly costs till future harvest.

5. Serve adjika on a table to sandwiches, to the first and second courses. Too without adjika don't leave a holiday table. It will be to the taste to both adults, and children, behind an exception unless the smallest. Not too spicy, fragrant and tasty adjika in cold winter day will remind of hot bright summer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team