How to cook apple jam with grapes

How to cook apple jam with grapes

You want to please the members of household and to strike the guests with unusual jam – cook apple jam with grapes – tasty and fragrant delicacy. The main components of this jam – apples and grapes – can be both garden, and purchased.

It is required to you

  • 1 kg of sweet apples;
  • 900 g of grapes of a grade "Isabella";
  • 5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 5 glasses of water;
  • colander;
  • the enameled pan with a capacity of 3 liters;
  • glass jars;
  • metal covers.


1. Separate grape berries from brushes, remove the damaged berries and wash out in warm water. Put the peeled and washed out grapes in a colander and let's water flow down. For jam it is possible to use also other grades of grapes. If you take sweet grapes sultana grape, then reduce sugar by half a kilogram.

2. Wash apples, dry, remove cores. Cut them small pieces.

3. Take a pan, fill in it sugar and pour water. Put a pan on slow fire and, stirring slowly, weld syrup. As soon as the last particles of sugar thaw, put in the boiling syrup prepared grapes with apples. Continue to cook on slow fire within 20-30 minutes periodically stirring slowly.

4. In half an hour, apple jam with grapes is ready. Leave it in a pan for 2 hours for cooling.

5. While jam cools down, sterilize glass jars. You receive about two liters of apple jam with grapes.

6. Pour ready jam on sterile banks and remove on storage in the fridge or in a cellar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team