How to cook beef

How to cook beef

Would show what can be simpler, than cooking of beef? Many hostesses are sure that rather just to throw meat in water and to cook it until it becomes soft. However to cook beef, however, as well as beef cook water, it is necessary to be able.

It is required to you

  • 1 kg of beef;
    • 5 liters of water;
    • vegetables (onions
    • carrots
    • celery
    • potatoes);
    • peppercorn;
    • bay leaf;


1. There are two ways of cooking of beef. If you want to receive rich and fragrant broth, put beef in cold water and put a pan on strong fire. In this case will pass more soluble proteins into broth, aromatic substances and mineral salts. If prepare tasty meat is more important for you, beef should be put in the boiling water. In both cases water has to cover a steak only a little. Also it is allowed that meat wasn't covered completely. The first 15 minutes of boiling about a third of the liquid which is contained in meat passes into broth. Therefore meat all the same will become less, and it is more broth.

2. After boiling cover a pan and lower fire to a minimum. Such slow boiling will interfere with fat emulsification because of what broth can have too grease taste. Most of hostesses got used to scum formed the first minutes cooking meat. However it isn't necessary to do it. This foam represents the proteins which passed from meat into broth. Therefore froth skimming reduces nutritive properties of broth. You shouldn't worry that foam will float in ready broth. In the course of cooking it will disappear.

3. Time of cooking of beef differs depending on age and fatness of a cow. Meat of a young animal usually cooks within 40-60 minutes, meat of an old animal – 2-2.5 hours. Readiness of beef can be checked by means of a fork. Puncture a steak in the thickest place. If the fork entered meat without efforts and from the place of a puncture reddish juice wasn't emitted, boiled beef is ready. It is necessary to salt beef at the end of cooking – approximately in 10 minutes prior to the end of preparation. But, if your main goal is rich and fragrant broth, add salt at the beginning of cooking. After switching off of fire don't uncover a pan – let's meat about 10 minutes infuse.

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