How to cook beet

How to cook beet

Beet, it beet, contains the vitamins remaining and after heat treatment. Therefore in cold season boiled beet will become a fine source of cellulose and other useful substances.

It is required to you

  • Pan;
    • beet;
    • table vinegar.


1. Before that, how to cook beet, carefully wash out root crops from the earth remains. Use for this purpose a brush. It is the best of all to take beet of the identical size, so it will prepare at the same time.

2. Take a pan, it is desirable enameled or glass as aluminum after cooking of beet it is necessary to clean. The size of a pan depends on quantity of root crops, beet in it has to be completely covered with water.

3. Before cooking beet, it isn't required to clean and cut off from it tails, otherwise all juice will just go to water. For the same reason root crops don't cut, and boil whole though crushing can reduce preparation time.

4. To keep bright color of beet, it is necessary to add white vinegar, a tablespoon on all pan to water. Citric acid has similar properties, but it is necessary to put it very little, on a knife tip. As beet cooks in a skin, it isn't necessary to salt water. Salt is added already to a ready-to-eat meal from beet.

5. Put a pan with water and root crops on fire and bring liquid to the boil then you cook beet on small fire not less than an hour. Preparation of large beet will require bigger amount of time. If in the course of cooking water boils away, then it needs to be added up to the initial volume.

6. Check whether boiled beet is ready, it is very simple: for this purpose it is enough to pierce of it a knife. At the same time the edge has to pass through beet easily if it insufficiently soft, is required to cook still.

7. After the end of preparation keep beet within several minutes in ice water, it will facilitate process of cleaning of root crops.

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