How to cook beet for vinaigrette

How to cook beet for vinaigrette

Long since beet was known to people as vegetable and a herb. The root crop and a tops of vegetable contains the mass of minerals and vitamins. Also this vegetable has fine gustatory qualities. There is a set of dishes, for example, all the known beetroot soup or vinaigrette which include beet. But how it is correct to cook it?

It is required to you

  • beet;
    • water;
    • pan;
    • brush for vegetables;
    • spoon;


1. Choose good beet with a dense, smooth, reddish thin skin on which there are no visible damages and signs of decay. Don't buy too big vegetables of a lightish shade as this beet can turn out fodder. Buy root crops of the normal sizes with a uniform surface.

2. Take necessary amount of beet and carefully wash in cool water. Then, using a brush for vegetables, well scratch root crops and rinse them. It is undesirable to peel vegetables. Also it isn't necessary to cut beet before cooking, when you crush vegetable, the area of its contact with water increases therefore a considerable part of useful substances is washed away.

3. Put beet in a pan and fill in with boiled water which amount measure in advance. Water has to cover only a few root crops, approximately on one finger. Further cover and put on the strongest fire.

4. Wait for the moment when water begins to boil, and then lower fire on minimum. Uncover and regularly stir slowly. It needs to be done that beet didn't stick to a pan bottom.

5. You cook vegetables within 45-60 minutes. To check readiness of root crops, use a knife. If the knife enters beet easily, so it is ready.

6. Drain water from a pan with beet and let's vegetables cool down. It is also possible to dump root crops in a colander and to fill in with ice water - so beet will be easier cleaned.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team