How to cook blackcurrant jam

How to cook blackcurrant jam

Jam is very appetizing jellylike weight prepared from berries or fruit. This magnificent additive to tea can be bought also in shop, but actually there is nothing more tasty than the jam made in house conditions. So, how to cook blackcurrant jam.

It is required to you

  • granulated sugar – 2 kilograms;
    • blackcurrant – 1 kilogram.


1. At first be engaged in selection of berries which will be used for preparation of jam. At this stage it is necessary to pay attention to a currant ripeness level. It isn't recommended to use overripe or spoiled berries for preparation of jam, it is better to give preference strong and a little bit to immature berries.

2. Then carefully wash out berries, clean from dirt and garbage. It is better to wash out berries through a sieve.

3. Place berries in a pan and properly mash them a wooden spoon so that they gave juice.

4. Fill up blackcurrant with 1 kilogram of granulated sugar, carefully mix, put on average fire and you cook within 25-30 minutes. That jam didn't burn, it is necessary to stir slowly constantly it.

5. Remove berries from fire and put to the cool place approximately for 10 hours.

6. Again put the cooled-down weight on average fire, mix and add 1 more kilograms of sugar.

7. Continue to cook jam within 10-15 minutes, periodically stirring slowly.

8. Prepare banks. For this purpose carefully wash out them, drench with boiled water, dry and if necessary calcinate in a hot oven. If you aren't going to store jam long, then it is possible to spread out it just in clean banks.

9. Spread out jam on banks and without covering with covers, leave for day that it could cool down. Then cover and remove to the dark cool place.

10. At you bright, dense, juicy and madly tasty jam will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team