How to cook cedar cones

How to cook cedar cones

To regale on pine nuts, it is necessary to wait for fall as during this period of a cone of a cedar become firm and they can be husked with little effort. And how to be if there is a wish to try nutlets even in the summer?

It is required to you

  • - pan
  • - cones
  • - water
  • - grass
  • - skimmer


1. Kernels of cones ripen long before "armor" becomes firm and dry. To dry a cedar cone, try to boil it. Gain necessary quantity of cones and look for a capacious saucepan, but only that which after cooking it won't be grieves you to leave. The fact is that because of high temperatures the emitted pitch inevitably will accumulate on walls, and it is almost impossible to wash them.

2. Lay cones on a capacity bottom, fill in them so that they completely were under water. One more subtlety: to hold the emerging cones a baking plate water, put from above a dense layer of a grass. If you are going to keep broth to use it in the cosmetic or medical purposes, put that grass which has to be as a part of broth. Besides, rather dense layer of a grass won't allow the emitted pitch to settle on cones again.

3. After boiling leave soup to pine on slow fire. It is possible to remove it from a plate when you feel a specific resinous smell (but not longer than 45 minutes). On average, in order that cedar cones revealed, there will be 20-30 minutes enough. By the way, to cook them is more appropriate alone as the exhaled heavy aroma will be pleasant to not all family members. It is even better if for this procedure you choose the place under the open sky.

4. Remove a pan from fire, catch a skimmer a grass. After that take from boiled water of a cone and spread out or to the outspread fabric, for example, an old towel, or to a surface which will allow water to flow down. And when cones will cool down, it is possible to husk easily them manually as after cooking they become firm and on them there is no pitch left.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team