How to cook cheese house conditions

How to cook cheese house conditions

Cottage cheese is much more useful purchased as doesn't contain artificial additives and fragrances. Gustatory qualities of self-made cheese also don't concede to cheese from shop at all, in usual kitchen it is possible to prepare different types of this delicacy.

It is required to you

  • For melted cheese:
    • cottage cheese - 8.5 St;
    • desi - 2.5 tablespoons;
    • soda - 4 h l;
    • salt - 3 tsps.
    • For a hard cheese:
    • milk – 1 l;
    • cottage cheese - 1 kg;
    • egg – 1 piece;
    • salt - 1 h l;
    • soda – 1 h l;
    • desi - 150 g.
    • For Mascarpone:
    • cream (35%) – 0.5 l.
    • lemon juice – 2 tablespoons.


1. Melted you syrprotrit cottage cheese through a sieve or turn on the meat grinder, lay out it in a pan and evenly strew it with a half of the required amount of soda. Then begin to warm up cottage cheese on small fire, constantly mixing a wooden scapula. It is possible that in the course of heating on a surface of cottage cheese and on walls of a pan serum will appear. In this case close a pan a cover and remove from fire for 15 minutes, serum during this time will settle, after it it is necessary to remove. If serum doesn't separate, then add soda to mix and heat further. Add a desi to well melted, a little thickened cottage cheese. Put salt in 15 minutes until ready, it is also possible to add to cheese fennel, caraway seeds, an anise. Cheese has to represent the dense, lasting, homogeneous mass by this time. Pour a cheese curd after cooking in the form oiled and take out on cold. Ready cheese will be easier to be taken out from a form if for several seconds to ship it in hot water.

2. Firm to a syrrazogreyta milk on a water bath, add to it cottage cheese. Mix dairy and cottage cheese mix a hand until it doesn't become hotter. Lay out the turned-out weight on fabric and suspend for three hours that liquid flew down. Shake up eggs with salt and soda and add to the oil kindled on a water bath, attach the decanted curds to this mix. Pound the turned-out mix before total disappearance of lumps. Pour a homogeneous cheese curd in in advance prepared form and remove in the fridge. Hard cottage cheese will finally reach several hours later.

3. MaskarponeRazogreyte cream on a water bath up to 85 degrees also add to them lemon juice. Mix weight, without bringing to the boil. Sustain it on a water bath until thickens, after that remove from fire and put to be cooled for 10-12 hours. After cheese cools down, lay out it on fabric and remove in the fridge, 12 more hours later creamy will be ready.

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