How to cook children's porridge

How to cook children's porridge

Kashi, including dairy, – the most useful breakfast for the child. They are vitamin-rich, cellulose, valuable food components and minerals which are necessary for growth and development of a small organism. These advantages do squashes irreplaceable in a daily diet of your child.

It is required to you

  • For the first recipe:
    • Milk – 2 St;
    • water – 1 St;
    • sugar – 3 tablespoons;
    • semolina – 6 tablespoons;
    • a desi – 40 g;
    • muesli – 1 tablespoon;
    • candied fruits – 1 tablespoon;
    • salt – 1 pinch.
    • For the second recipe:
    • Water – 1 l;
    • milk – 3 St;
    • millet – 1 St;
    • a desi – 30 g;
    • sugar – 3 tablespoons.


1. Recipe 1. "Semolina porridge with muesli and candied fruits". If your kid refuses semolina porridge, then, most likely, you incorrectly cook it. This porridge can't be cooked. From the fact that it is cooked it turns out as "gruel". • In a pan pour in water, milk and boil. When milk begins to boil, it is necessary to pour grain. It is necessary to do it by means of a sieve or a thin stream, at the same time it it is necessary to stir slowly intensively. So you will get rid of lumps.· pour muesli and candied fruits. Well mix. • Add sugar, it is a little salt and – switch off a plate.· cover a pan with porridge and sustain 15-20 minutes. Uncover and add oil.· put porridge on a plateau, from above put several candied fruits. It will be very difficult for your little fastidious person to refuse such squash. For absolutely little children it isn't necessary to add candied fruits.

2. Recipe 2. "Millet cereal". When cooking millet, it is impossible to put in milk at once because porridge to turn out gray and not tasty. • Well touch and wash up grain. Then fill in millet with boiled water and take on fire until kernels a little reveal. In 7-10 minutes merge the dimmed boiled water and fill in porridge with milk.· wait until milk begins to boil, add sugar and as much as possible reduce fire. Leave porridge on such fire for 15-20 minutes. That the pshenka didn't burn, don't forget it to stir slowly. • Define that porridge is ready very easily: grains in it are well opened and ready porridge put razvarena.· on a plateau, add a desi piece.

3. Doctors and nutritionists are uniform in opinion that porridge is simply necessary for the growing organism. Especially it is necessary for children who do sports. That oat-flakes I didn't remind paste namely therefore many don't eat it, grain should be boiled at first in water without addition of sugar. And add a condensed milk to already ready porridge. Porridge will accept absolutely other taste, and your child will eat it greedily with the great pleasure. Originality of flakes of porridge is that it is combined with any additives. Having a little imagination it is possible to cook for the child every morning different porridges. It is possible to add to already ready porridge: raisin, fresh fruit, berries, candied fruits, honey and nuts and also brynza and small cut greens.

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