How to cook compote from a frozen berries

How to cook compote from a frozen berries

In the winter when the organism already rather yearned on fresh berries, the compote made from a frozen fruits can become the excellent decision. Thanks to modern technology of fast freezing of berry, laid up since summer, keep a maximum of the vitamins. That these vitamins remained also in compote better, cook it, following the following rules.

It is required to you

  • - a frozen berries, it is better than different grades – 0.5 kg;
  • - sugar – 0.5-1 glass;
  • - water – 2-2.5 l;
  • - zest of lemon or orange (at will);
  • - pan with a capacity not less than 3 l.


1. Pour the necessary amount of water in a pan, add sugar and bring to the boil. Make sure that sugar was completely dissolved if isn't present, then stir water a spoon or a ladle. It is desirable not to use for preparation of compote of a pan from aluminum. The acids which are contained in a large number in berries react with aluminum, and can pass its connections into compote. Besides the compote cooked in such pan loses a huge share of mineral substances and vitamin C.

2. Take any frozen berries: strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant blackberry, etc. in the quantity stated above. For preparation of compote the fruits don't need to be defrozen previously, so they will lose a lot of juice. Therefore put all berry mix in the frozen look in the boiling water. If to you to taste citrus aroma, add to compote of a little svezhenaterty lemon zest or orange.

3. Wait when water begins to boil again. Lower fire and you cook compote no more than 5 minutes. Switch off fire, close a pan a cover and set aside it on edge of a plate. Let compote will infuse half an hour more. So it will receive a maximum of fragrant substances and vitamins from berries. Now compote can be filtered to spill in ware and to cool. At the request of berry it is possible not to strain off through a colander. It is necessary to serve berry compote on a table in a high decanter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team