How to cook compote from a ranetok

How to cook compote from a ranetok

Unpretentious, but very beautiful and useful grade of apples – ranetka, differs in the sizes of fruits which weight doesn't exceed 40 g. On branches they grow at clusters and remind more sweet cherry, than an apple-tree. Fresh use only some grades, generally from a ranetka prepare jam and compotes, preserve for the winter.

Description of apples of a ranetka

This look – the result of selection work received from crossing of a grade of Sibirka apples with several European large-fruited grades. The high-yielding, unpretentious and frost-resistant look was fallen in love to gardeners and for decorative properties – in the fall these apple-trees are literally covered with small fruits of burgundy color or yellow with ruddy barrels. The weight of one fruit is from 15 to 40 g. On taste the majority of grades sour and slightly terpkovaty and very small therefore most often they are processed on jam or is cooked from them by compotes.

In 100 g of apples the ranetok contains about 47 kcal, a ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates: 3, 8 and 89%.

Preparation of fruits for processing

Wash out apples in flowing cold water. As a rule, they are on sale with fruit stems, they can be not torn off, so ranetka will look more appetizingly in compote. But if fruit stems too long, cut off them, having left 1/3. That during heat treatment the thin skin on fruits didn't burst, in each apple make several punctures by means of a wooden toothpick. With guarantee to keep appearance of apples, before cooking put them in a wide basin or on a big dish and fill in with boiled water. Leave to stand under a cover of 20 minutes.

The recipe of compote from a ranetok

When you want to cook compote to drink it at once, on 1 kg of apples you will need 3 liters of water and 1 glass of granulated sugar. For color, taste and bigger usefulness it is possible to add couple of handfuls of a chokeberry to compote. Put water in a big pan on a plate, boil it and lay out fruit. When water begins to boil again, add sugar, reduce fire and you cook compote of 10 more minutes. After that it should infuse a little, let it will cool down, and then it can be drunk.

Very beautiful and tasty jam turns out from apples a ranetok, from them also cook jams, jelly, domestic wine.

If you want to make compote from a ranetok for the winter, on a 3-hlitrovy cylinder you will need 1 kg of apples, a glass of granulated sugar and citric acid on a knife tip. Previously sterilize a cylinder, put in it apples, it is possible to add a little chokeberry also. Boil water and pour it in a cylinder, let's stand 10 minutes, then again merge in a pan and boil. Add sugar and citric acid to the boiling water, pour out syrup in a cylinder with apples and roll up it a cover for conservation. The interesting taste and color will give to compote from a ranetok several branches of a basil or mint.

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