How to cook cowberry

How to cook cowberry

Cowberry is widely used in traditional medicine and cookery. On leaflets make tasty tea and curative infusions, and cook from berries fruit drink, kvass, sauces, jam, kissels, stuffings and many other things. It is important to cook correctly cowberry to keep all useful that in it is - vitamin C and carotene, tannic and pectinaceous substances, organic acids and phytoncides, minerals (manganese, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron), etc.

It is required to you

  • cowberry (fresh or frozen) - 1 St.
    • water
    • sugar - according to the recipe
    • For cowberry with apples in own juice:
    • 1 kg of cowberry
    • 5 kg of apples
    • 1 glass of sugar
    • 2 glasses of water
    • For cowberry sauce:
    • 2 cups of the fresh or frozen cowberry,
    • 1 l of water
    • 1 glass of sugar
    • 1 tsps of potato starch
    • 5 glasses of wine (riesling)
    • cinnamon
    • For fruit drink:
    • 50 g of cowberry,
    • 3 teaspoons of sugar
    • 1 glass of water
    • For broths and infusions:
    • dried leaves or plants entirely


1. Cowberry (both berries, and leaves) possesses diuretic and disinfecting action, is applied at various diseases (stones in kidneys, gout, rheumatism, pyelonephritis, cystitis, etc.). Cowberry drink satisfies thirst, strengthens forces and increases appetite. Also it makes active antibiotics and sulfanamide medicines, removes toxins and suppresses development of microbes. Fruit drink is useful and at organism intoxication - along with cranberry, it it is possible and it is necessary to drink as much as possible.

2. You can prepare a natural cowberry juice for the winter. Use completely dead-ripe berries, wash up and touch berries - shouldn't get to raw materials spoiled or immature. Fill in the prepared cowberry with the cooled boiled water (on 1 kg of berries - 1 l of water) and leave in the dark cool place a baking plate a cover. In 10-12 days merge juice in the enameled pan. Bring to the boil and at once remove from fire. Pour ready juice on banks and preserve by method of a hot flood or sterilizing.

3. For fruit drink fill in cowberry with cold boiled water and bring to the boil. Add sugar and you weary on weak fire of 15 more minutes. Filter ready fruit drink. It is possible to make also concentrated fruit drink (double amount of berries and sugar at the same volume of water), and then to dilute it with boiled water to taste before the use.

4. Cowberry with apples in own juice. Touch and wash up berries in flowing water. Cut apples and remove a core. Fill in cowberry with cold water and you boil 3-5 minutes, cast away berries on a colander. In the turned-out fruit drink put apple segments and sugar, you boil 5-10 minutes. Then add cowberry weight, mix and hot roll up in banks.

5. The maximum quantity of curative qualities of cowberry (except fresh berries and leaves, of course) contains in infusions. The combined cowberry, nettle, dogrose infusion will help to cope with avitaminosis. Take 2 parts of berries of cowberry, nettle leaves – 3 parts, hips – 3 parts. Crush all components and well mix. Make 4 teaspoons of mix a glass of boiled water, don't boil! Insist 3-4 hours and filter. Drink on a glass 3-4 times a day.

6. Vitamin tea. Take in equal quantity - cowberry leaves, hips, leaves of raspberry and currant. Crush everything and mix. Make 2 tablespoons of mix 1 glass of boiled water, you boil 5-10 minutes on weak fire. Insist in densely closed ware before cooling, filter and add sugar to taste. Drink 1/2 glasses 2 times a day as all-strengthening and tonic.

7. Drink from dried leaves of cowberry will facilitate course of articulate rheumatism, gout: fill in a teaspoon of leaves 1/2 glasses of boiled water and wrap up. Leave to infuse for an hour, filter. Accept 1/2 glasses 3-4 times a day.

8. Sauce cowberry with wine. Fill in cowberry with cold water and you cook to softness, then filter and wipe berries through a sieve. Leave to cool down 1/2 glasses of broth to dissolve starch. Add broth, sugar, cinnamon, wine to the turned-out puree and boil 5-7 minutes. Then pour in the divorced potato starch and bring to the boil. Serve sauce warm or cold to fruit, dairy and sweet dishes.

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