How to cook domestic wine

How to cook domestic wine

Process of preparation of domestic wine long and rather labor-consuming. However the result is worth it. At respect for technology the wine made in house conditions, more usefully and often more tasty bought in shop.

It is required to you

  • — fresh berries;
  • — sugar;
  • — big large bottle.


1. Prepare raw materials — select only the ripe not spoiled fruits. It isn't obligatory to wash fruit as on their surface necessary substances for fermentation contain.

2. Crush berries in the enameled ware or squeeze out juice by means of the juice extractor. Pour weight in a glass large bottle on 2/3 volumes. Put capacity in for 4 days to the warm place (temperature has to be near 22-24os). Mix weight on 2-3 times within the first two days. At the end of term cake will accumulate on a bottom, and juice will rise.

3. Filter a berry juice through several layers of a gauze in the enameled ware to clean it from the pectins which are in a peel as during fermentation of them it is formed toxic танол. Then finish sugar content of juice to it is necessary for concentration in 20-25%. At the majority of fruits the sugar content is at the level of 10% therefore it is necessary to add about 100-250 g of sugar on 1 liter of liquid to juice. It doesn't concern some grapes as at this berry sugar content about 16-25%.

4. Pour transparent juice in net capacity with a narrow throat — oak, glass, clay. Consider that during fermentation foam will be formed. Close ware a stopper with an opening. Insert a hose through which there will be carbon dioxide into it. Instead of a stopper on a neck it is possible to pull a rubber glove. Lower other end of a hose in bank with water. Leave juice at the room temperature before the end of fermentation when through a hose bubbles cease to be allocated. Mature wine about 2-3 weeks before its clarification.

5. Pour a young wine accurately on glass bottles, without shaking up the formed deposit. Zakuporte of a bottle traditional cork. Leave wine not less than for 3-4 months in the dark cool place with a constant temperature. You store bottles in horizontal position that drink washed a stopper.

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