How to cook eggs in a sack

How to cook eggs in a sack

Coddled egg – an ideal dish for a lung, but a nutritious breakfast. It is given with fried toasts or with sauce, stacked on sandwich, and sometimes even lowered in broth. It is possible to cook coddled egg in the usual way and also without shell. The main thing is to calculate correctly preparation time that egg found the necessary consistence, but wasn't digested.

It is required to you

  • eggs;
    • vinegar;
    • salt;


1. Before starting cooking, carefully wash up eggs. Lower them in a pan with cold water and put on a plate. Bring water to the boil, reduce fire and you keep eggs in boiled water of 4-5 minutes. For exact definition of time use the timer. Remove a pan from fire, merge boiled water and fill in hot eggs with cold water. After that the shell can be removed without effort. Correctly cooked coddled egg has soft protein, and the yolk remains liquid.

2. You can try also other way. Boil water in a pan and it is careful, by means of a spoon, lower eggs on one there. Note time – they find the necessary consistence in 5-6 minutes. Don't put in egg boiled water, just extracted from the fridge – because of a difference of temperatures they can crack, and protein – to flow out.

3. Very refined dish - the eggs-pashot cooked without shell. Pour water in a pan, add salt and vinegar, bring water to the boil. Reduce fire that water poorly raged. Accurately break egg, trying not to damage a yolk, and pour out it in a ladle. Place liquid egg in a pan with quietly boiling water. You cook 4-5 minutes. Take out a ready poached egg a skimmer and postpone for a plate. If it is necessary to prepare several portions, you cook eggs in turn not to spoil their form. Give with fried toasts and sauce on the basis of mustard.

4. Plows it is possible to weld also in broth. Instead of water boil bone or meat soup, add to it vinegar and salt. Reduce fire and release about quietly boiling egg liquid on one. You cook 4-5 minutes, take out a skimmer. Such eggs can be served with sour cream sauce and toasts or to add them to a plate with broth or soup.

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