How to cook glass noodles

How to cook glass noodles

Glass noodles – the product of east kitchen which came to us together with a soy cheese of tofu and hot spice of wasabi. This rich and unusual dish which doesn't have pronounced taste therefore various sauces, fried vegetables, meat well approach it. It is impossible to call preparation of glass noodles labor-consuming, but it demands a certain skill.


1. Glass, or cellophane, noodles are called for the fact that after preparation it keeps transparency. She can be met also a baking plate by the name "cellophane noodles". Do glass noodles of starch, rice or bean. Noodles from a rice meal after cooking are more similar to a usual fine noodle, and from bean – remain absolutely transparent.

2. Experienced cooks don't recommend to cook transparent noodles. Wet it for 5-15 minutes in very hot water or even in boiled water. Then cast away noodles on a colander and to allow it to stand some time that all water flew down (it is important, otherwise transparent threads of glass noodles will gain excess softness or will even be dissolved and will turn into ugly and indigestible weight).

3. The recommendation to throw glass noodles into the boiling water and to cook occurs in some recipes, stirring slowly, within 3 minutes, but no more that noodles weren't digested. You can try also this method, but it is suitable for more dense noodles from bean starch more. Ready noodles have to be soft, a little slippery, but not razvarenny and to keep a form. If to overdo it in hot water, there is a danger that it will just be dissolved.

4. After preparation scissor glass noodles. As it can be filled with rather salty soy-bean sauce that water with which noodles are filled in, it isn't obligatory to salt. Noodles in finished form are almost tasteless for this reason cellophane noodles are an excellent garnish and a fine basis for salads. Eat it as is hotter, and cold.

5. If you plan to cook soup with glass noodles, it needs to be added in a couple of minutes until ready, by no means not earlier, and before cooking not to presoak.

6. Besides, glass noodles can be fried in hot fan. The noodles roasted in the warmed sunflower or sesame oil within several minutes it becomes pleasant crunchy. Before frying noodles are also not presoaked.

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