How to cook haricot with meat in a tomato

How to cook haricot with meat in a tomato

Meat dishes with haricot differ in very high content of protein and vitamins that is necessary for a human body, especially in the winter. And if there also vegetables are added, then the dish becomes just invaluable, not to mention excellent taste.


1. • Wet two glasses of white beans for the night. In the morning wash out and boil in unsalted water, having added one cleaned onions head. Haricot has to become soft, it is better to cook in a pan with thick walls. Merge broth from haricot, it still is useful to you.

2. • Cut 300 g of meat pieces, about 1 cm thick, beat off a hammer, and cut with long strips (better to take beef or mutton). Salt, pepper.

3. • Take three ripe tomatoes, wash up, twist on the meat grinder or in the blender, put in a pan on small fire, add bay leaf and extinguish minutes ten. After the end of suppression to take out bay leaf. Grate three garlic gloves on a small grater, mix with one teaspoon of vegetable oil and slightly fry in a frying pan. Add to stewed tomatoes and you cook a minutes more three.

4. • Put a deep frying pan on fire, pour 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, lay out meat and fry to a crust. If you love hot dishes, then it is possible to add red burning pepper or other, favourite spices. It is possible to put carrots. Pour a little haricot decoction and you extinguish until ready (so far meat won't become soft).

5. • Cut with half rings two heads of onions, put a frying pan on fire, pour a little vegetable oil and fry to a golden crust. Add to meat and you extinguish some time together.

6. • Add three tablespoons of tomato paste, mix and boil minutes five on slow fire. Add flour, again mix and pour in one glass of broth from haricot, mix and bring to the boil. Sauce has to thicken. Add boiled haricot, mix and bring to the boil. Put greens (parsley, cilantro, fennel).

7. • The dish can be used as independent or to give garnished, with potatoes, pasta or rice.

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