How to cook jam from a quince

How to cook jam from a quince

Extraordinary tasty jam from a quince will be pleasant to all family. The translucent, keeping a form pieces of fruit in sweet syrup look good incredibly appetizingly. Preparation of delicacy is available even to the beginning culinary specialist.

There are many ways how to make jam from a quince. It is possible to add to it pieces of nuts and other fruit, receiving an original combination. However, the traditional recipe forms a basis for any home-made delicacy.

The classical recipe of jam from a quince

Preparation of jam will require the following ingredients: a quince – 1 kilogram, granulated sugar – 1 kilogram, water – 600 ml, vanillin powder, a fresh juice of a lemon.

Fruits of a quince need to be washed out and cleaned from a thin skin carefully. It is necessary to remove a core of fruit and a fruit stem. The prepared fruit is sliced accurate. It is desirable that thickness of each slice didn't exceed 1.5-2 cm. In a deep pan heat water and boil in it a quince thin skin. Broth is filtered and add to it granulated sugar. Solution is brought to the boil. In the boiling syrup lower quince pieces. As soon as contents of a pan begin to boil, the plate is switched off for 8 hours. For the best impregnation by syrup of pieces of fruit it is possible to leave preparation alone on all night long. Then, bring future jam from a quince to the boil again and leave "have a rest" on a plate for 5 hours. The third time having brought syrup to the boil, continue heating until pieces of a quince become rather soft. Lemon juice and powder of vanillin add to jam approximately in 10 minutes prior to the end of cooking depending on taste. Jam is spilled in in advance washed out and sterilized small banks and densely closed covers. After cooling the banks with delicacy remove on storage to the cool dark place.

Features of preparation

Jam from a quince looks especially attractively if in the course of preparation of segment of fruit kept the form. To save fruits from a razvarivaniye, pan contents are recommended not to stir slowly, and to periodically stir up it, making circular motions. Fragrant and tasty jam from a quince will turn out in case for preparation ripe fruits without damages were selected. Overripe fruit during cooking can turn into unappetizing medley, and the immature quince will remain too dense and will involve costs of bigger amount of sugar. It is possible to define readiness of jam, having dripped it on a plate. When the drop doesn't spread, it is possible to remove capacity from a plate. If in the course of preparation to add to brush syrup from seed boxes of a quince, jam will gain more saturated color.

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