How to cook jam from a sloe

How to cook jam from a sloe

Sloe — small sour plums with green juicy pulp and a skin, black-blue with wax coating. Fruits of a sloe possess an astringent astringent flavor therefore also jam from it turns out refined.

It is required to you

  • On 5 l of jam:
    • — 2.5 kg of a sloe;
    • — 1.5 l of water;
    • — 3 kg of sugar.


1. Select the whole ripe fruits for jam. Wash out a sloe in cold flowing water, cast away on a colander that water and fruits flew down a little dried. The stone at a sloe separates very difficult therefore jam is cooked or from unpitted fruits, or delete it at the scalded plums. If you prefer the first option, then pin each fruit a toothpick or a needle for the best treatment by a sugar syrup. In the second case fill in plum with water and to its razvarita to softness, periodically stirring slowly. Then drain water and remove stones.

2. Prepare a sugar syrup of 50% concentration — on 1 l of water 2 kg of sugar are required. Fill up sugar in water and bring to the boil. You cook on small fire to full sugar remelting, constantly stirring slowly. The sloe to taste is sourer than some garden plums therefore for jam making demands more sugar — about 1.3 kg on 1 kg of fruits.

3. Shift the prepared sloe in the enameled pan and fill in with a hot sugar syrup. You cook thorny jam of 30-40 minutes after boiling, scumming and periodically stirring slowly, and then leave for 5-8 hours at the room temperature. From the remains of sugar prepare syrup of 70% concentration — in 0.5 l of water part about 1 kg of sugar and bring to the boil.

4. Pour out jam syrup in other pan, pour in it in 1/3 part of a 70% sugar syrup and boil within 10 minutes. Fill in with this concentrated syrup sloe fruits. You cook thus thorny jam in 3 receptions, every time adding syrup at the beginning of cooking.

5. Prepare banks and covers. Wash up them in soda solution, carefully rinse. Sterilize banks over steam within 5 minutes, boil metal covers about 3 minutes, and then dry up. Pour hot thorny jam on banks, hermetically roll up covers, turn upside down and cool.

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