How to cook kissel apple

How to cook kissel apple

Apple kissel is not a just tasty drink and a great way of utilization of a rich garden harvest. It is also useful to the people having ulcer diseases, who underwent operations on digestive tract, having gastritis, the increased or lowered acidity of gastric juice. But don't forget to consult to the gastroenterologist concerning expediency of addition in kissel of citric acid, can happen that it is categorically contraindicated to you.

It is required to you

  • 300 g of fresh apples
    • 1 l. waters
    • 100 g of sugar
    • 1 g of citric acid
    • 40 g of potato or corn starch


1. Peel apples, remove from them a core, slice thin and fill in them with hot water. Put a pan on fire, bring to the boil, you cook 15-20 minutes, periodically stirring slowly.

2. Cool the turned-out apple compote a little. If you have a blender, just crush apples together with liquid in puree. If you don't have this device, then filter liquid in a clean pan, wipe apples through a sieve and connect apple puree to the set aside apple broth.

3. Return a pan on fire, add to it sugar and citric acid, and dissolve starch in half of glass of cold water meanwhile. Well stir it, pour in kissel at continuous stirring. Remove a pan from fire, cool and pour on portion molds.

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