How to cook kissel from starch

How to cook kissel from starch

Kissel such simple, but more and more seldom found in our kitchens delicacy. And it is tasty, useful and undemanding. Do you like dense desserts? Kissel can be mousse. Do you want something liquid? You cook liquid kissel. Everything depends on that how many spoons of starch you will add on liquid liter.

It is required to you

  • Berry broth
    • almond or cow's milk
    • Sugar
    • Potato or corn starch


1. Begin to cook kissel always from a basis. Take 1 liter of a fresh milk, pour in it in a pan, add 100 grams of sugar and bring to the boil. Mix starch with cold water, filter and add to milk. If you want some dense kissel, you cook on average fire, continuously stirring slowly with a wooden spoon to the necessary consistence. If you want some liquid or semi-fluid kissel, also stirring slowly, bring to the boil and immediately switch off. Serve milk kissel in a soup plate or a cup, having strewed with cinnamon.

2. For kissel mousse take three tablespoons of starch on one liter of liquid, for kissel of average density – two, on liquid kissel enough one spoon of starch. Corn starch well is suitable for gentle kissels from almond or plain milk. For kissels on the basis of fragrant berries with pronounced taste, such as raspberry, cranberry, bilberry it is possible to use also more rough potato starch.

3. If you cook kissel from fresh berries, then as much as possible to keep taste, aroma and useful properties, squeeze out of them juice in advance and remove in the fridge the closed ware. From a residue – alburnums prepare broth, add sugar, bring to the boil and enter the starch divorced in cold water. Finish kissel until ready, remove from fire and add juice.

4. Despite simplicity in preparation, kissel can be very refined dish suitable for a ceremonial dessert. Try to surprise guests with garnet kissel with rum. Prepare cranberry half a kilo, juice from one orange, 0.25 liters of pomegranate juice, 100 grams of icing sugar 2 tablespoons of corn starch and 2 tablespoons of dark rum. Miss a half of berries and icing sugar via the blender and wipe through a sieve. Add orange and pomegranate juice and put on fire. Bring to the boil. Mix starch with 4 spoons of cold water, wipe through a sieve and add rum. Enter into berry broth and you cook two-three more minutes until kissel thickens. Spread out the remained cranberry on ice-cream bowls and fill in with warm kissel. Powder with a small amount of sugar and remove for an hour in the fridge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team