How to cook kvass in house conditions

How to cook kvass in house conditions

What am I eager to satisfy in the summer with? Of course, kvass! It will best of all cope with this task. And, not to run during a heat on shops in search of the refreshing drink, make houses tasty home-made kvass. It to be useful to you also for preparation of okroshka. The most popular – grain kvass. We will also cook it.

It is required to you

  • 1 loaf of a rye bread
    • 200 гр. sugar
    • 100 гр. raisin
    • 5 гр. yeast powder
    • 3 l. waters
    • 3-liter jar.


1. Prepare crackers from a rye bread. Best of all the Borodino bread will approach. Cut bread on pieces and bake in an oven to a ruddy crust.

2. Take a 3-liter jar and put crackers there. Fill in them with hot boiled water and put to cool down.

3. Part yeast in warm boiled water and fill in in warm bread infusion and waters. Then sugar and all stir. Cover a gauze or special with openings. Leave all this for the night to wander.

4. Filter kvass in the morning through a gauze or a sieve in separate capacity. Try and add sugar if to you it isn't sweet. Shift the remained bread back in bank.

5. Wash plastic bottles, throw 3-4 highlights on a bottom and pour kvass. Remove bottles in the fridge. Every other day kvass will be ready.

6. Add in bank with the remained ferment cold water again, add sugar, it is a little more crackers and throw already in bank a raisin handful. Kvass has to begin to ferment again. You will be able to see in it the playing bubbles. Repeat the procedure in the morning.

7. So you can receive every day all summer tasty home-made kvass. It is possible to take a break and to remove ferment for 2-3 days in the fridge, and then to use again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team