How to cook milk sauce

How to cook milk sauce

Milk sauce will soften and the taste of any dish, whether it be raisin cottage cheese casserole or chicken cutlets will shade. Milk sauces can be done to different degree of density, as with sugar (to sweet dishes), and with salt and spicery – to meat, pasta or fish. They are widely applied in dietary food because of small sharpness and gentle consistence.

It is required to you

  • 1 l of milk
    • 40-120 g of flour
    • salt or sugar
    • creamy or vegetable oil


1. At the heart of the majority of milk sauces – milk and flour pan-frying (the wheat flour fried in a frying pan till golden or light brown color and pounded with oil). On canons of French cuisine such pan-frying is called ру. It is also possible to cook sauce on potato flour, at the same time it isn't fried.

2. The basis for milk sauce is preparing as follows: prepare pan-frying, part it hot (not boiling!) milk, continuously stirring slowly that it wasn't formed lumps, salt and boil thoroughly 5-7 minutes. The amount of flour for pan-frying depends on density of sauce which you wish to receive.

3. When sauce a little thickens, it is possible to add a grated cheese, chopped mushrooms, greens, vitelluses or chopped boiled eggs, the browned onions, spices to it – as far as your imagination will be enough. Very dense sauce is applied to a farshirovka, in semi-fluid it is possible to bake cutlets or to add it to vegetable dishes. Water with liquid milk sauces ready-to-eat meals, for example, casseroles, pasta, also in them it is possible to stew meat or fish. Such sauce with a grated cheese and nuts in combination with macaroni dishes is very tasty.

4. The well-known French sauce béchamel is cooked on the basis of milk and flour pan-frying too. Nutmeg, bay leaf are added to it, black or ground white pepper, and flour is pounded with a desi and gets divorced a small amount of broth. The type of broth depends on for what dish sauce is cooked: to meat – meat soup, to fish – fish.

5. Dessert milk sauces are cooked as well as unsweetened, but done usually liquid and instead of salt add sugar and vanillin, it is possible to pour also to taste cinnamon, cocoa. Usually with them serve the cottage cheese and fruit dishes. Try to make pumpkin in milk sauce: fry slices of pumpkin, lay out on the oiled frying pan or in a form, fill in with a semi-fluid sweet dairy sauce, strew with bread crumbs and bake in an oven.

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