How to cook nests

How to cook nests

On counters of supermarkets pasta of an unusual form appeared: externally they are similar to bird's nests. But in the course of heat treatment of a nest get out of the initial shape, turning into usual vermicelli. And the unusual dish could become decoration of any table, keep pasta original state.

How to keep формуКак to prepare nests that they didn't become straight and didn't stick together? For this purpose at restaurants the special form in the form of a steel or aluminum ring is used. The usual can at which the bottom and a cover is removed can act as its analog. The inner surface of a form needs to be oiled vegetable (Italians prefer olive oil). Then to fill in in a frying pan mix vegetable and a desi in equal proportions, to establish on it metal forms in which to place nests.

Fried on the one side of a nest turn over together with a form on another. After preparation the ready-to-eat meal is squeezed out from the cover on a plate and filled with vegetables.

As it is correct to cook nests

Pasta can and be boiled that they didn't lose attractiveness. A secret is simple: correctly to cook nests, it is necessary to use the capacity which won't spoil a form. For this purpose it is possible to use a usual frying pan with high boards. In a frying pan it is necessary to pour water and to bring to the boil. Then it is accurate to place nests in the boiling liquid, to add some salt. It is necessary to cook pasta during that time which is specified on packing. Correctly and tasty it is possible to cook nests and in a usual pan. The main thing that the bottom was wide. In the boiling salty water it is accurate to lower pasta so that they didn't turn over sideways. Cook no more than five minutes, then to take ready nests on a dish or a baking tray.

How to stuff nests

The popular recipe of Italian cuisine – the nests stuffed with mushrooms. Fill in dried mushrooms with boiled water and leave for two hours. After that it is necessary to wash out, dry carefully them, to cut small. Roast mushrooms on well warmed desi, then add small cut onions and mincemeat. Salt, pepper, spices – to taste. Fry mix until ready, periodically stirring slowly, on slow fire. Stuff with a ready stuffing macaroni nests, to powder from above with a hard grated cheese. Bake a semi-finished product in an oven within twenty minutes at a temperature of 160-200 degrees. Before giving on a table the stuffed nests can be decorated with greens.  

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