How to cook nettle and egg soup

How to cook nettle and egg soup

In many families there is a remarkable tradition: the spring came – cook nettle dishes. The young nettle is put in salads, in pies and, naturally, add this useful plant to soup. So far the nettle still young, contains many minerals and the vitamins useful to an organism after long winter in it. The nettle soup can be cooked and in a post, just it will be required to remove from the recipe of egg and sour cream.

It is required to you

  • - 400 гр. young nettle;
  • - 4 average potatoes;
  • - 3 eggs;
  • - salt and pepper;
  • - sour cream.


1. For preparation of this spring soup use only young leaves of a nettle. They are scalded boiled water and small nashinkovyvat. Potatoes are cut either straws, or cubes. Cook it in water, (if desired in ready broth) to full readiness.

2. When potato cooks, in a pan lower a nettle, then the dish is salted and peppered. Right after it the pan is removed from fire. Egg needs to be boiled and cut accurate circles.

3. When you spill fragrant krapivny soup on plates, add sour cream and a circle of egg to each plate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team