How to cook onions soup

How to cook onions soup

France, as we know, is famous not only refined perfumery, fashionable clothes and the Eiffel Tower. Also French cuisine isn't less well-known.

 In the world there is a huge number of the French dishes which were organically included into kitchens of the different people and steel for them traditional. And one of the most known dishes of French cuisine – onions soup which in the homeland by right is considered the most dear. The modern version of its preparation came from the seventeenth century – then he was cooked from broth, a toast and the fried onions. The marvelous aroma gives to this dish the browned onions, and, professional cooks can drag out this process at several o'clock, trying to obtain a peculiar taste and a variety cooking soup. For special piquancy quite often add cognac or dry white wine to it, and before giving on a table soup has to infuse in the closed saucepan. The recipe in itself is simple, but to cook onions soup, it is necessary to show some dedication, coping with considerable amount of onions.

Four portions of onions soup require five hundred grams of onions, three tablespoons of a desi, about a liter of meat soup, four slices of white loaf, salt, pepper and two-three tablespoons of a grated cheese.

  • Make meat soup. It is for this purpose better to boil meat in advance, having added to it carrots, onions, a celery, and at the end of cooking – bay leaf, rosemary and a thyme.·   sharp knife onions half rings and fry on a desi within five-ten minutes. Then lower fire and leave to be stewed onions under a cover for thirty-forty minutes, stirring slowly with onions, from time to time. As a result the gentle soft mass of golden color.· will turn out   add fire and, having uncovered, let's water be evaporated within fifteen minutes. From above sprinkle onions with flour, add wine or cognac, and then broth. Bring soup to the boil and let's it boil a quarter of hour.·   correctly to cook onions soup, toasts will be necessary. Slice bread thick and rub with garlic. On the oiled baking tray put pieces densely to each other and bake them until they don't dry up. Strew bread with cheese and bake, so far it not to melt. •   Pour soup on ceramic pots or special fire-resistant cups for baking and cover each of them with toasts. Put cups in well heated oven and you hold there until cheese doesn't begin to bubble. 

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