How to cook pasta that didn't stick together

How to cook pasta that didn't stick together

Pasta are one of the garnishes, most popular and simple in preparation. However in the course of cooking they can stick together. That it didn't happen, it is necessary to follow certain rules of their preparation.


1. Get for preparations qualitative pasta. Products of good quality have uniform color, slightly brilliant, a little translucent surface. In packing there have to be no crumbs and pieces of pasta.

2. Take for cooking a big deep pan with thick walls. Pour in it water at the rate of 1 liter on 100 g of pasta: in the large volume of water pasta won't stick together. Put a pan on fire and wait when water begins to boil.

3. Salt water and pour in it a little vegetable oil. Put pasta in the boiling added some salt water, and they need to be lowered in the center of a pan. Don't diminish fire, it is necessary that process of boiling was restored as soon as possible.

4. After boiling stir pasta that they separated from walls of ware and from each other. You cook pasta with an open cover, mix them once again in a couple of minutes. It is impossible to add some salt to them already.

5. In the course of preparation be guided by the cooking time specified on packing, however it can change depending on amount of pasta and water, from intensity of a flame, from hardness of water. Therefore they need to be tried. Some like the pasta cooked in Italian to a state "al an awning" (semi-readiness), others prefer the dish prepared in the traditional way.

6. Don't allow digestion of pasta, in this case the dish will turn out bound together. When pasta cook, drain water: use for this purpose a colander or slightly open a cover of a pan just a little and pour out liquid. Don't wash out pasta, they will turn out friable.

7. Pour in ready pasta a little vegetable or a desi and well mix. Let's them several minutes stand and again mix. While pasta cool down, they can be mixed several times, then they won't stick together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team