How to cook pasta that they didn't stick to each other?

How to cook pasta that they didn't stick to each other?

Pasta – one of the most popular dishes, probably, in each family. But, despite simplicity of process of preparation and plainness of recipes, during cooking the product can stick together, having spoiled beauty of a treat. In this article we will tell how to cook pasta so that they turned out friable and tasty.

What is required to prepare a dish for 4 portions

  • purified water (2/3 average pans);
  • 400-500 grams of a product of any kind ("elbow products", "spaghetti", "nests" or other);
  • salt – 1.5-2 tablespoons.

How to cook pasta: recipe

1.    Put a pan on fire and wait until water begins to boil. After that add salt. It needs to be used at this stage that there was a diffusion reaction which will prevent adhesion of a product.

2.    Throw pasta in the boiling water. When liquid begins to boil again, make fire weaker. Surely stir slowly a product in the course of cooking that the released starch didn't stick together pasta.

3.    The product of the average sizes is enough to cook 5 minutes after boiling. For vermicelli there will be enough 4 minutes. As soon as pasta become soft and elastic, you can remove a pan from a plate.

4.    Drain water in a colander, well stir up it to get rid of excess liquid. Turn on the crane and wash out pasta under a strong pressure. So you remove excess starch, and the product will remain friable.

It is possible to add a piece of the kindled desi – at will.

Everything, the dish is ready. Now you know a secret how to cook pasta so that they turned out tasty and didn't stick together. You can serve them on a table so in salad, meat – or to add a grated cheese, to roast, make a dish in a naval way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team