How to cook pea soup in the pressure cooker

How to cook pea soup in the pressure cooker

Pea soup, and especially soup with fragrant smoked ribs, is madly tasty and rich dish which preparation won't demand a large number of efforts. The culinary specialist beginner will even be able to cope with its cooking, and the pea soup cooked in the pressure cooker will be especially tasty.

Ingredients and their preparation

For preparation of pea soup with smoked products in the pressure cooker you will need the following products: about one and a half glasses of the whole peas, one carrots, couple of bulbs, 200-300 grams of smoked ribs, steam of potatoes, 3-3.5 liters of water, couple of pinches of greens, a half of a teaspoon of salt and other spices to taste. Let you be not surprised by a small amount of salt on such volume of water as smoked products ordinary already are salty and will transfer the same property of liquid in which cook. The Georgian culinary specialists also consider the most suitable spice which needs to be added to pea soup, khmeli suneli. This additive will report a dish amazing aroma, and its is required everything a small pinch.

So, before cooking it is necessary to prepare the following ingredients. Peas need to be wetted in cold water in a couple of hours before preparation. There is a small cunning: some "lazy" culinary specialists who don't want to spend time for soaking, recommend to use a usual canned peas, the truth it is necessary to cook it absolutely not for long, otherwise the product will turn into porridge.

Two bulbs need to be cut small, and to grate carrots. They can be added to water in the raw or if you don't love boiled onions, previously to fry in a frying pan before emergence of a pleasant golden shade. Potatoes need to be cleaned.

Preparation of soup

The first onions and carrots, then potatoes and ribs keep within the pressure cooker. The last, by the way, can be placed entirely or to cut on small pieces – from it the dish won't lose in the flavoring properties at all. Over these ingredients then the soaked peas give all the best then water is filled in and salt pours. Optimum, that liquid covered all ingredients approximately on 5-6 centimeters. After that the pressure cooker needs to be closed a cover and to place on fire for a while approximately 45-50 minutes. In a usual pan pea soup will cook much more – till one and a half o'clock, but the pressure cooker on that and is the pressure cooker! After the specified time the ware needs to be put away from fire and to wait about 5 minutes that pressure in it decreased, and only after that the pressure cooker can be opened. Greens, spices and spicy herbs need to be added only upon termination of cooking that they didn't lose the amazing aroma and to allow pea smoked products soup to stand closed still approximately minutes 10 then the meal is considered finally ready-to-eat.

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