How to cook pickled cabbage

How to cook pickled cabbage

Pickled cabbage is perfectly stored in the fridge several months. It can be used in hot dishes and to put on a table as snack, having only got from banks and having slightly filled with vegetable oil and fresh greens. In our latitudes white also the cauliflower most often meets. Try to make tasty crunchy vegetable on the provided recipes.

It is required to you

  • Marinated cauliflower:
    • cauliflower (1 kg);
    • water (1 liter);
    • salt (2 tablespoons);
    • lemon juice (1 h spoon);
    • granulated sugar (5 tablespoons);
    • paprika (1 piece);
    • vinegar of 9% (50 ml);
    • black pepper (4 peas);
    • allspice (4 peas);
    • bay leaf (3 pieces).
    • Pickled white cabbage:
    • cabbage (1.5 kg);
    • water (1 liter);
    • salt (2 tablespoons);
    • honey (2 tablespoons);
    • wine or apple cider vinegar of 5% (3 tablespoons);
    • garlic (3 cloves).


1. Marinated cauliflower. Remove side green leaves at cabbage. Divide young strong inflorescences into separate parts and lower in the cold added some salt water. All small insects will emerge on a surface. Pour out dirty water, and shift cabbage in a colander and wash out flowing water

2. Boil fresh water in a saucepan. Salt it and add lemon juice. Thanks to acid of an inflorescence will keep the bright whiteness. Lower cabbage in boiled water and blanch three minutes. Drain water.

3. Peel paprika from a fruit stem and seeds, wash out and cut narrow strips. Put banks on a bottom.

4. Make marinade. Boil water with sugar, salt, pepper and bay leaf. When water begins to boil, pour in vinegar and take on fire a minute more.

5. Put in bank to paprika the blanched cauliflower. Fill in with a warm marinade through a strainer. Let's cool down, close a cover and put on cold. Next day cabbage will be ready.

6. Pickled white cabbage. Remove a topmost leaves at cabbage. Chop it thin long strips. Shift in a colander and scald boiled water from a teapot.

7. Put cabbage in a glass jar. Very densely don't stamp, and that it will become soft. Crush garlic and powder with it cabbage layers. If desired in bank it is possible to add a strip of red paprika or hot pepper.

8. Make marinade. Put salt, honey in the boiling water and well stir. Pour in wine or apple cider vinegar. It is possible to use usual 9% a table vinegar, only in smaller quantity. Boil.

9. Fill in a warm marinade in bank with cabbage. Cool and put in the fridge. In two days the cabbage is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team