How to cook pie with apricots

How to cook pie with apricots

Apricots are fruit rich with carotene, vitamin C, mineral salts and acids. From an apricot cook jam, jam, jelly and many other things. To tea it is possible to bake pie with a stuffing from apricots. Such pie will be suitable also for baby food.

It is required to you

  • apricots of 400 g
    • flour 1.5 glasses
    • egg of 3 pieces.
    • sugar 3-4 tablespoons
    • oil of 100 g
    • sour cream 4 tablespoons
    • white chocolate of 100 g
    • baking powder or soda of 1 tsp.
    • cottage cheese of soft 200 g
    • vanilla


1. Leave oil at the room temperature that it became soft.

2. Knead a soft dough. For this purpose pound cottage cheese, a sifted flour and a desi in a crumb. Then add one yolk, sour cream, vanilla sugar and soda.

3. Further inwrap dough in a film and leave for about 35-40 minutes at the room temperature.

4. Prepare apricots: wash up, dry by means of a paper towel, cut them and get stones.

5. In the split mold which is previously oiled distribute dough. Create low sides. Grate a little white chocolate and distribute it according to the test. Remove a form in the fridge.

6. Shake up two remained yolks with cottage cheese, add sugar and vanilla.

7. Prepare a stuffing for pie. For this purpose beat three egg whites in foam the mixer at an average speed or manually a big nimbus. Foam has to turn out strong. Mix it with curds.

8. Grate the rest of white chocolate and add it to the turned-out stuffing.

9. Get a form with the test from the fridge. A dense layer spread out the prepared apricots to dough. From above lay out a cottage cheese and proteinaceous stuffing.

10. Bake pie in previously warmed oven at a temperature of 180 degrees within 45-50 minutes. Whether pie is ready it is possible to check, having pierced it a wooden stick. If it dry, so the dish is ready.

11. The cooled-down pie can be decorated with icing sugar or multi-colored topping. This dish can be used as in warm, and cold.

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