How to cook porridge in a minute

How to cook porridge in a minute

Often in the morning there isn't enough time for preparation of a breakfast at all. But it is possible to cook tasty porridge even quicker, than to make sandwich. And advantage will be many times more. How to cook porridge in 1 minute?

On packing of standard porridges it is written that it is necessary to cook oat flakes 12 minutes. But how to be if in the morning of time just barely enough. It is possible to make porridge in one minute. You will be helped with it by the ordinary coffee grinder.

We fill up flakes in the coffee grinder and we crush to small grains. We pour out the received mix in already boiling water. That lumps weren't formed - we mix a nimbus. We salt to taste. And here in preparation of porridge it is quite possible to do without sugar. Instead of sugar we add dried fruits: dried apricots, raisin. They perfectly replace sugar, for example, raisin contains a lot of sucrose. Besides dried fruits will enrich our porridge with vitamins and cellulose.

In preparation of porridge it is possible to use also candied fruits, but losing weight it is necessary to consider that in production of candied fruits the sugar syrup is used. Therefore porridge with candied fruits will be much more kaloriyny.

Exactly in one minute your porridge will be ready. We switch off and give to a table. The great useful breakfast will load you with energy which will be enough, if not for the whole day, then till a lunch – precisely!

Helpful advice! If намолоть to a croup during week-end for all week, then every morning you are able to save even more time. Only it is necessary to store the processed grain in densely closed container without moisture access.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team