How to cook red borsch with beet

How to cook red borsch with beet

As it is pleasant to eat a plateau of red fragrant borsch. The main thing – is correct to prepare it. It is possible to weld the first on meat soup or to make it vegetable. If to work according to the recipe, then the tasty dish anyway will turn out.

Ingredients for borsch

To cook borsch, meat, vegetables, spices will be necessary. Vegetarians and fasting can exclude meat ingredient. Vegetable borsch turns out very fragrant and tasty too. It will be required to all rest:

- 1 kg of beef; - 3.5 liters of water;

- 4 average potatoes; - 300 g of beet;

- 300 g of cabbage; - 1 average onion; - 1 carrots; - 2 garlic gloves; - 3 tablespoons of tomato paste; - 1 tea 6% of vinegar or juice of a half of a lemon; - 3 bay leaves; - pepper, salt; - vegetable oil; - greens.


Wash out meat, wet it for 20 minutes in cold water. Then it needs to be merged, poured new, to put a pan on fire. After boiling, broth or is poured out and pour new water, or carefully scum with its surface. Make small fire. Meat in water has to cook an hour and a half. At this time stew vegetables. At first cut small onions, grate carrots. Slightly fry these vegetables on vegetable oil in a frying pan with high boards. If to take a low frying pan, then the boiling liquid will overflow. Now it is possible to add the grated beet, tomato paste to onions and carrots, to fry within five minutes and to pour water. It has to cover vegetables on 1 finger. Vinegar or juice of a lemon is added to it. If these acid ingredients are absent, then it is possible to replace them with 50 grams of juice of sauerkraut. The main thing is to pour food acid that vegetable didn't lose the bright red color in beet. Depending on that, old it or very young beet, vegetables extinguish a baking plate a cover of 25-40 minutes. Very young it is extinguished quicker. Meanwhile, broth boils on small fire. In 25 minutes prior to the end of cooking of meat put potatoes cut in cubes in broth.

End of fascinating process

Cabbage time has come. It is sliced rather small and put in a pan in 5-15 minutes until the end of cooking. Late grades will be ready in 15 minutes, summer – through 5. Together with cabbage in borsch put beet gas station which was extinguished to softness, salt and pepper. Fragrant first course is ready. Before giving in each plate put sour cream or mayonnaise, and from above on them – the greens cut small. Put on a garlic segment saucer, everyone will take itself(himself) how many will want. If all love garlic, then squeeze out in a pan couple of cloves via the garlic press. Some hostesses put not cut, and the whole potatoes of minutes for 40 before the end of cooking. After borsch cooked, it is pulled out, rumpled a masher and again put in a pan. In 25 minutes prior to the end of cooking it is possible to put the sweet paprika cut on segments in a dish. It will add to borsch additional aroma. All these additions – to the discretion of the hostess.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team