How to cook red currant jam

How to cook red currant jam

It is possible to do compotes, juice, jelly, fruit jelly of red currant. It is especially good in jams. It is simple to cook them - even the young hostess can make red currant jam. And advantage of such delicacy infinite. Red currant contains vitamin C, P, B1, B, PP, carotene.

It is required to you

  • 1 kg of red currant;
    • 5 kg of sugar;
    • 400 ml of water.


1. (Not plastic) place in a colander cleaned from branches and leaves berries red currants. Properly wash their baking plate with cold water.

2. Warm water in a wide pan. Place there for 5 minutes a colander with berries - they have to problanshirovatsya.

3. Pour out berries in the enameled pan. Suppress them a spoon or a pestle a little. Pour out sugar there and fill in all with water.

4. Put a pan on weak fire and constantly stirring slowly, you uvarit mix twice. As a result it shouldn't be liquid.

5. Prepare banks for storage of jam: wash up them, heat over steam, dry up. Place there still hot jam. Close banks covers for rolling.

6. Now the jars need to be sterilized (at the rate of 500 ml - 10 minutes, 1000 ml - 15 minutes), then to roll up. It is necessary to store them in the cool dry room.

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