How to cook rice in the double boiler

How to cook rice in the double boiler

Rice is very useful, clean product. Moreover, in its structure there are no hazardous substances. Rice is easily acquired, quickly cleans an organism, and on biological value of protein among grain takes the main place. Cook rice very easily. The ordinary double boiler is most universal and simple in use for preparation of rice.

It is required to you

  • Double boiler
    • Capacity for rice
    • Water
    • Salt and spices
    • Rice


1. Wash a head rice with cold water several times. So you will wash away excess starch and dirt from rice. Then after cooking, rice will be friable, not stuck together, and not boiled soft.

2. Fill the double boiler basis with cold water and establish the necessary quantity of trays (it isn't necessary to add spices, vinegar, wine etc. to water). If you cook only rice, one capacity suffices. If report fish, eggs, meat or vegetables for simultaneous cooking on couple, establish all three floors of trays of the double boiler.

3. Lay out rice in the special capacity (it has to be included in the device package) and put it in the double boiler. Include for about 5-7 minutes to steam rice without water.

4. Add cold water in the container with rice in a proportion 1:1, salt, and at will season with spices. Expose the timer for 30-40 minutes.

5. Ready rice will be soft and friable. Rice from the double boiler can be served on a table at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team