How to cook rice porridge

How to cook rice porridge

It would seem, rice porridge can't be spoiled. However it can be prepared incorrectly, without having disclosed all charm of this dish. Rice porridge on water is the dietary product irreplaceable in children's and medical diets. And it is possible to cook such tasty and friable porridge which will be a fine garnish to main courses.

Rice porridge rather simply is cooked. It contains a lot of vitamin B, is rich with useful minerals, promotes removal from an organism of toxins. The portion of porridge for breakfast guarantees inflow of energy for the whole day because in there is no large amount of complex hydrocarbons. 

There is a set of recipes for rice porridge, but several secrets anyway will make it the most useful. For a start it is recommended to use quality kruglozernisty rice which before cooking should be touched carefully and to wash out well at first in warm (to get rid of starch), and then in hot (to remove a fat film) to water. It is necessary to wash out grain until water doesn't become completely transparent. Sometimes there is a need to repeat such procedure of 5-7 times. Good washing one of keys to successful result. 

For preparation it is necessary to use thick-walled ware with the big surface of contact that rice got warm better, I stuck less and quicker I was preparing. Some recipes allow to cook rice porridge and in a frying pan. It is necessary to cook porridge on moderate fire, without forgetting to stir slowly at the same time regularly that rice didn't stick to a pan bottom. However before boiling fire has to be maximum and it is important not to forget to salt porridge. If rice still crude, and liquid already evaporated it isn't necessary to be frightened, just it is necessary to add water, but not milk as porridge will burn. 

Someone cooks porridge without cover at all, but because of fast evaporation of water it is necessary to watch it more attentively. It is recommended to cover after all a pan, leaving at the same time a small shchelochka. From the moment of boiling it is necessary to cook rice porridge 35-40 minutes then it is already necessary to add oil to a ready-to-eat meal. It can be put also when giving separately in each plateau, but it will be better if to add oil to a pan where porridge was cooked, and to close a cover. And if to wrap up for 15 minutes the container with porridge with a warm blanket, then it to be steamed and will be even more tasty.

The dish for the child can be served with kissel or to water a hot squash with jam to taste. If you want to make not friable, but liquid rice porridge, then for 4 portions it is necessary to add not 2, but 4 glasses of water. And porridge with milk will require 2 glasses of water and 2 glasses of milk. It is necessary to consider that rice absorbs a large amount of liquid, and if not to follow recommendations, it can burn or it will turn out crude. If desired after 15 minutes of cooking it is possible to add the prepeeled and cut apple or pumpkin to rice porridge and also it is a little sugar. 

Generally, experiment also besides the existing recipes, invent new unique ingredient dishes – a head rice.    

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team