How to cook smoked ham and cheese soup

How to cook smoked ham and cheese soup

With approach of quite cool season our organism needs additional calories. It is possible to diversify the menu and to write down one more recipe in the book by the culinary specialist, having cooked remarkable smoked ham and cheese soup.

All products are available to preparation of such soup and don't demand additional processing.

To cook smoked ham and cheese soup, it is necessary to prepare a pan of average volume. From ingredients it is required:

- smoked ham or a smoked breast – 1 piece;

- onion – 1 piece;

- carrots – 1 piece;

- potatoes – 4 pieces;

- processed cheese – 1 piece;

- greens;

- salt.

To pour water into a pan and to bring to the boil. Meanwhile smoked ham or a breast to cut, cut on cubes about 1.5х1.5 cm in size and to start in the boiling water. Stones at will can be boiled thoroughly, and then to take out before giving on a table.

Meanwhile carrots to clean and grate, and to cut onions small into cubes. On a small amount of vegetable oil carrots and onions to spasserovat and add to a pan with smoked ham.

Clean and cut potatoes small into cubes, add to a pan and salt.

Processed cheese can be chosen with addition of seasonings or bacon, and it is possible to take usual брикетик. Cut cheese on several parts and add to capacity, stirring slowly.

Soup with smoked ham and cheese is cooked absolutely not for long, and it turns out very nourishing and fragrant. Before giving of a dish to a table not to forget to strew the main thing with fresh greens.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team