How to cook soup from meat of a turkey

How to cook soup from meat of a turkey

Meat of a turkey – a tasty low-calorie product, vitamin-rich A and E and also iron, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals necessary for the person. It is one of the most useful types of dietary meat. The soups cooked from a turkey are recommended to be included in a diet of children and adults.

The recipe of soup from a turkey with noodles

To cook tasty soup from turkeys with noodles, the following ingredients are necessary: - 600 g of meat of a turkey (shin); - 159 g of green beans; - 100 g of noodles;

- green onions; - lemon;

- salt; - bay leaf; - bell pepper. Wash out meat of a turkey, place in a pan and fill in with cold water. Then put a pan on average fire, bring to the boil, add bell pepper and bay leaf. Reduce fire and you cook within an hour.

If desired noodles can be replaced with rice. It needs to be washed out previously and for 5-10 minutes to fill in with boiled water. Then water should be drained, and add rice to the boiling turkey broth and to continue to prepare soup from the recipe.

After this time get turkey from a pan and cool then cut with small slices. Wash up carrots, clean and cut thin straws, approximately a centimeter floor thickness. Put green beans, the prepared carrots and noodles in the boiling broth. Continue to cook soup. Answering a question, what is the time it has to cook, cooks, as a rule, recommend to remove soup from fire when carrots become soft, and noodles will reach a state "al an awning", that is are already ready, but didn't boil soft yet and are elastic on taste. Put pieces of a turkey in the boiling soup and cooks everything together minutes 2-3. Remove ready soup from fire and let's it ten infuse minutes. Before giving on a table add to plates with soup small chopped greens.

Recipe of cheese soup with a turkey

This dish of French cuisine for which preparation it will be required: - 500 g of fillet of a turkey; - 200 g of processed cheese; - 400 g of potatoes; - 150 g of onions; - 150-200 g of carrots; - black sprinkling pepper; - salt; - bay leaf; - desi. To cook soup according to this recipe, the three-liter pan is required. Wash out fillet of a turkey, put in a pan and fill in meat with cold water. Put a pan on average fire and bring water to the boil. Then put a salt teaspoon, bell pepper (black and fragrant), bay leaf and you cook broth within 20 minutes from the moment of boiling. Then get turkey, cool and cut on pieces. Carefully wash up potatoes and carrots and clean. Cut potatoes into cubes average size, and grate carrots. Also cut the onions cleaned from a peel in cubes. Grate processed cheese or cut into cubes.

In France, cheese turkey soup can be served with toasts.

Lower potatoes in the boiling broth, it is necessary to cook it minutes 7. At this time on a desi slightly fry onions with carrots. Add the browned vegetables to potatoes and you cook within 5-7 minutes. Then put pieces of a turkey. Cooking of soup continues 5 more minutes. Then put the prepared processed cheese, well mix everything and remove a pan from fire. Before giving strew cheese soup with small cut greens.

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