How to decorate cake in house conditions

How to decorate cake in house conditions

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Some hostesses think that only professionals, but actually it not so beautifully can decorate cake. There is a set the technician of dressing of confectionery in house conditions thanks to which it is possible to receive stunning result.

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1. Chocolate figures. Fill in a bowl 130 grams of chocolate granules (kallt) and put in the microwave for 1.5 minutes - for melting. You can kindle chocolate and on a water bath, but then, the finished product will lose beautiful gloss and will get a "gray-haired" scurf. Every 30 seconds mix chocolate. If during this time it doesn't turn into weight, increase time of its stay in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. - don't overheat the main thing.

2. While chocolate "is dismissed", draw on parchmentwhatthe sheet -nibud of a figure. Their quantity and a form depends on your imagination. Quickly vent the kindled chocolate and in parallel add the rest kallt and carefully mix. Fill in it in "envelope" from parchment and paint figures. Use white chocolate by the same principle, as black. You can paint with it, for example, a tail to a squirrel, etc. Accurately move a leaf with chocolate figures to the fridge and leave for 15 minutes that chocolate stiffened. Then separate figures carefully from paper and use for decoration of cake.

3. Mint leaves in chocolate. Carefully wash up mint leaves and dry. Beat egg white. On a flat plate pour out sugar. Dip leaves at first in protein, then in sugar. Lay out on the tray covered with napkins and leave to dry till next day. Kindle chocolate on a water bath. Dip leaves of mint into chocolate to a half of their length. Lay out on a dish and put in the fridge for 1 hour. After that you can use them for decoration of cake.

4. Sugar snowmen. Mix icing sugar with water to uniformity. If badly mixes up, add a little more water. From the received weight roll balls. Of decorative beads make eyes, and of pieces of carrot or an orange dried peel – noses. Let's stiffen in the fridge and decorate cake.

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