How to decorate cake with the confectionery syringe

How to decorate cake with the confectionery syringe

Did you already master complex art of baking of tasty cakes? It is a high time to learn to decorate them. That your confectionery looked ideally, use the special syringe. By means of the nozzles attached to it you can create the whole scale of jewelry – from a graceful ligature of letters to magnificent flower baskets.


1. It is possible to decorate cake in flowers, leaves, borders, figures, ornaments or inscriptions. All this jewelry with ease is carried out by the confectionery syringe with a set of nozzles. In a set usually put from 4 to 10 various tips. The their is more, the your opportunities are wider.

2. Before work prepare cream, whipped cream or drawing weight. Any cream - creamy, oil, proteinaceous or scalded will be suitable for a decor. It can be painted food colors or fruit and vegetable juices.

3. Think over design of cake, and draw all decorative elements on paper better. If cake is already baked, examine it - perhaps, you should camouflage some sites.

4. Cover cake with special mastic, glaze or cream. Carefully level everything a knife. Sides of cake can be sprinkled with a biscuit or nut crumb or grated chocolate. Consider that jewelry of cream well keeps only on a smooth horizontal surface. Before decorating cake with cream, let's a covering dry up a little.

5. By means of a teaspoon fill the syringe with cream on ¾ volume. Impose cream densely that in a flask of the syringe emptiness weren't formed, otherwise your drawing can be damaged.

6. Before beginning to decorate cake, take samples on a plate. Beautiful borders in the form of frills which usually are located on edge of cake become by means of a nozzle with a slant cut. The nozzle with a wedge-shaped cut is irreplaceable at the image of various leaves. Letters and patterns are drawn kornetiky with a narrow direct tip. Well, and tips with cloves form cream in the form of florets and a stars. The size of jewelry can be varied by force of pressing the syringe piston. Moving a hand wavy and changing adaptation tilt angle, you can do different jewelry by means of the same nozzle.

7. Take a needle or a big needle and plan drawing contours on cake. For bigger convenience you hold the syringe with two hands. Accurately conduct a tip, regulating its inclination and force of pressing. Putting small drawings, you hold the syringe close to a cake surface, working with large motives, lift the syringe above.

8. After the termination of the drawing, stop pressure upon the piston and make the sharp movement the end of the syringe from yourself along the drawing. Then the small uvula formed after a cream separation will lay down imperceptibly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team