How to decorate cakes with fruit

How to decorate cakes with fruit

Home-made cake can be decorated with glaze or cream, but the most effective and tasty option of a decor - fruit. Beautifully cut and laid fruits give an elegant look even to a simple dessert. That fruit didn't zavetritsya and gained gloss, cover them with a thin layer of the jam diluted with water or jelly.

It is required to you

  • - various fruit and berries;
  • - shortcake dough;
  • - custard;
  • - jam;
  • - fruit juice;
  • - gelatin.


1. Any fruit and berries will be suitable for decoration of cake. Choose the large, intact copies. Sometimes for bigger decorative effect at berries leave sepals or branches. Pay attention to special grades of strawberry or a kiwi, not too tasty, but very beautiful. And here overripe pulpy fruits won't be suitable for ornament, it is better to use them for a stuffing.

2. Thinking over a decor, consider color scale of fruit. Especially effectively bright fruits look: green, red, orange, yellow. Strawberry, a gooseberry, grapes, oranges and lemons is most popular. The carambola is irreplaceable in a decor. The ridge fruit is cut on cross segments and a beautiful stars which look very decoratively turn out.

3. That fruit strongly floated cake, stack them on a cream layer. For fruit cakes dense creams - scalded or oil and also various souffles with gelatin addition are ideal.

4. Try to pick cake with ornament from different fruit. Lay in advance prepared shortcake dough in a round split mold and carefully distribute it on a bottom and walls. Sides shouldn't be too high. Over the test lay baking paper and fill haricot or peas. Bake a cake layer till golden color.

5. Cool a ready cake layer. Cook dense custard from milk, eggs, granulated sugar and vanillin. Cool cream and a thick layer lay out it on a cake layer.

6. Prepare fruit. Wash up and dry large black grapes, cut oranges and a kiwi thin circles, halve everyone. On edge lay out orange segments in the form of scales, then place black grapes, fill the center with kiwi pieces. From an orange circle curtail a cone and strengthen it in the middle of cake.

7. Prepare filling. Mix several spoons of the gelatinized jam from lemons with hot water and warm up, constantly stirring slowly. Slightly cool filling and water with it fruit. It is possible to try also other option. Mix a tablespoon of gelatin with warm water and, stirring slowly, dissolve it, warming up on a plate. Add two thirds of a glass of transparent juice (for example, grape). Let's mix cool down and fill in with it fruit. Ready cake has to stand, jelly on its surface won't stiffen yet.

8. The cake decorated with fruit has a shortcoming - inconveniently to cut it. To facilitate to itself a task, in advance cut cake on accurate slices, and already then start ornament. Thus it is worth preparing sponge cakes. At first by means of deep metal dredging cut out core, and then divide cake into equal segments. Such portion dessert very beautifully looks on a holiday table.

9. For decoration of cake it is possible to use also the fruit cooked in syrup. That they turned out translucent, cook fruits in 4-5 receptions, using the concentrated sugar syrup. Ready fruit need to be taken from filling and to dry on a lattice, and then to spread on cake. In this way it is possible to cook pears, apples, a quince and other firm fruits.

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