How to decorate pastries? Pastry bag the hands

How to decorate pastries? Pastry bag the hands

By means of a pastry bag it is possible to decorate with cream cake or cakes, to transplant products from a soft dough or protein whip, to decorate cupcakes or candies. If in your economy there is no such accessory, make a pastry bag independently, using improvised materials: paper, plastic bags and dense fabric.

It is plus at a self-made pastry bag a set. Such products are very convenient when it is necessary to put patterns and drawings with creams of different flowers. Instead of washing open cloth sacks, use cheap disposable, made of plastic or paper. After completion of work the used accessories can be thrown out.

The simplest and fast replacement of a pastry bag - a plastic bag. With its help it is possible to apply any cream, jam, a mobile dough on a surface of pies and cakes and also to do borders and inscriptions chocolate or sugar coating. If you need to represent simple strips or hills, it is possible to do without figured nozzles. Pick up a small package from thin plastic, lay out in it cream, and then accurately cut off one of corners. Than the opening is less, especially the strip from cream will turn out thin.

The plastic bags with a zipper allowing not to soil hands are very convenient.

Squeeze out cream, holding a package it is close to a product surface. Doing circular or zigzag movements by a hand, you will be able to draw a monogram, spirals and other figures. If drawing the difficult drawing is supposed, it is better to designate its contours by a toothpick in advance.

Alternative to plastic - the funtik curtailed from parchment paper. They are more eco-friendly, however can quickly razmoknut from liquid cream. Such funtik can be used for dressing of confectionery dense jam, proteinaceous or oil cream. Curtail parchment paper a dense cone, fill with cream and cut off a tip. Instead of one big funtik make several small and fill them just before decoration of cake or pie.

For drawing inscriptions chocolate or cream it is possible to do without bag. Use the big plastic syringe without needle, drawings will turn out accurate and accurate.

If you want to make more interesting jewelry with a type of a stars, leaves or frills, make figured nozzles. They need to be made of dense, not razmokayushchy I swore. White photographic paper will approach. Cut it on rather narrow strips, curtail into a small ring and fix by threads. Make an incision edge of a nozzle sharp scissors, having given it the necessary form. For the image of leaves the nozzle with a wedge-shaped tip is necessary, borders in the form of frills can be done by a kososrezanny nozzle. For an otsazhivaniye of a stars and florets the nozzle with cloves is necessary. Insert preparation into the cut-off edge of a cone from paper and start decoration of confectionery. If paper products seem to you inconvenient, sew a pastry bag from dense fabric. Such accessory can be erased, besides it will be suitable for work with any kinds of creams, a mobile dough, fruit puree. For sewing choose dense synthetic fabric or a tic. You will find a product in the form of the truncated cone and stitch seams on the machine, using the smallest stitches. Seams have to be located outside, otherwise cream will get to them. For production of a convenient nozzle use an empty plastic bottle. Cut off its neck and insert it into a bag opening. Turn off a stopper and a sharp stationery knife cut out an asterisk or other figure in the center. Fasten a stopper into place. Now it is possible to fill a bag with cream and to start registration of cakes and cakes. After each use wash a bag and nozzles in hot water with detergent for ware thoroughly, then dry and remove on storage.

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