How to define quality of sour cream

How to define quality of sour cream

Sour cream not only tasty, but also very useful product. It not only promotes strengthening of bones, but also helps to reduce stress, to overcome bad mood and to calm nervous system if to mix it with honey. Alas, recently more often under the guise of sour cream in shops and in the markets sell a dairy products, only bearing a faint resemblance to it. As not to be mistaken and choose quality sour cream?

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1. Buying sour cream in shop, pay first of all attention to a period of storage. The it is higher, the product is less useful. The period of storage in several months usually demonstrates that sour cream, was exposed to high-temperature processing. And, therefore, in it all lactic bacteria died. Natural sour cream is stored no more than two weeks.

2. You remember, sour cream of low fat content isn't dense, also as well as classical. Its consistence directly depends on fat content: than the product is fatter, especially its consistence is pastelike. At sour cream with low interest of fat content light consistence, but nevertheless it dense and on taste a little bit sour.

3. Whenever possible taste the bought product. Quite often sour cream before sale is shaken up with margarine to make it dense, in this case you will surely feel taste of "thickener". On taste also the starch which is quite often added by unfair sellers is felt.

4. Apply the bought product with a thin layer on glass and look what will be after its drying. Stains, easily noticeable on a gleam, demonstrate poor quality of sour cream, and an even layer about naturalness of a product.

5. Pour boiled water in a thick glass tumbler and add to it a sour cream teaspoon. If it was completely dissolved, so is made of natural products. If sour cream settles on a bottom or there will be flakes of white color, it will demonstrate that before you the dairy product made of vegetable fats.

6. If you bought separator sour cream, quality it it is possible to check after it stays not less than two hours in the fridge. If it remains liquid, then, most likely, it before sale was mixed with milk.

7. Surely read the structure of a product specified on packing. Quality sour cream is made of cream and ferment without any additions.

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