How to disaccustom the child to junk food

How to disaccustom the child to junk food

Longs for the expert opinion of World Health Organization about 18% of all world's population obesity. Statistically, every fifth child weighs more than the put norm.

There is a lot of reasons for emergence of excess weight. In certain cases it is connected with frustration of an endocrine system or diseases of the digestive system. But most often the reason is in improper feeding, neglect vegetable cellulose, inability to control feeling of hunger, etc.

Often parents impart to the child a habit to chew constantly, considering that the child doesn't gorge on. A spoon for mom, the second - for dad... Familiarly, isn't that so?! To avoid problems with health and excess weight, in the first three years of life of the child it is better to ignore semi-finished products, sweeties in large numbers, chips, croutons and all that contains food supplements. Such products cause accustoming and very kaloriyna.

Usli the child already uses similar food, it is necessary to try if not to remove completely then to minimize its presence on a children's table.

So, the child refuses the same products all the time, it can mean that he feels discomfort from their use or they just to it not to taste. In such cases the kid needs to offer a healthy alternative: cottage cheese, fruit, nonfat fish or chicken and so forth. If the child presses candies and cookies with tea, it is possible to send safely because of a table, before the following meal.

Sugar and sweeties also cause accustoming. You shouldn't keep delicacy in open access not to provoke the child. Preschool children can already give desserts to tea (not much and not often), and here it is better for kids to replace them with dried fruits or berries in case there is no food allergy.

To completely deprive of kids of desserts too it won't be recommended to absorb, otherwise, they sweeties furtively, on a visit or on changes at school. The decision to give delicacy in the first half of day and separately of the main meal will be ideal.

Trying to disaccustom the child to junk food, you shouldn't eat it in the presence of the child, it is better to lay chips and croutons for the distant shelf.

Control over the school student's finance will also be able to help to exclude expenditure for junk food, and the saved money can be postponed in a moneybox and to get something very necessary to the child (the book, a coloring, the machine or a doll, the bicycle and so forth).

If the child doesn't visit school cafeteria, then at a satchel there has to be a container with the correct having a snack.

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