How to do cheesecakes

How to do cheesecakes

The main component of cheesecakes is cottage cheese. Of course, it would be more reasonable to call them cheese-and-curd cakes as it and becomes in some recipe-books. The thing is that up to the nineteenth century cottage cheese in Russia was called cheese, definition "cottage cheese" appeared much later, and cheesecakes and remained "cheesecakes"

It is required to you

  • cottage cheese of 500 grams
    • egg of 1 piece.
    • flour of 4 tablespoons.
    • sugar of 2 tablespoons.
    • cooking oil


1. Take good cottage cheese of high fat content for preparation of cheesecakes. If cottage cheese too wet, cast away it through a gauze within several hours. It is also worth wiping it through a sieve, it will give to finished products more lightness.

2. Mix in a bowl egg with sugar and salt, add to them cottage cheese and well vent. Powder weight with flour and create thick equal sausage from the test. Divide it into 8 equal parts, you stick together oblong or round cheesecake from each piece of the test.

3. Warm vegetable or melted butter in a frying pan, roll in cheesecakes breaded of flour or semolina, lower them in the boiling oil. Lower slightly fire and fry cheesecake before formation of a golden crust then it should be turned on other party and to roast likewise.

4. If cheesecakes are badly fried thoroughly, it is possible to bring to readiness them and under a cover, they will become worse from it not. It is possible to serve cheesecakes with sour cream, jam, vanilla sauce. Generally, who as got used and loves. It is possible even to make them unsweetened, having replaced sugar in the recipe with chopped greens or dried tomatoes.

5. The recipe can be varied indefinitely. The main thing not to allow dough running. Make dough mobile eggs, moisture in cottage cheese, excess amount of sugar and other ingredients can. To thicken weight, it is necessary to use more flour that will weight cheesecakes and will make them dense and tasteless.

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