How to do dough for dumplings

How to do dough for dumplings

The taste of dumplings depends not only on a stuffing as which crude mincemeat serves. Competently made dumplings dough will impact to this popular dish faultless relish and an ideal form.

It is required to you

  • cold water – ½ glasses, 2 large eggs, a salt teaspoon, flour – 2 glasses.


1. Ingredients for the classical recipe of the dumplings test are eggs, flour, salt and water. The attempt to make dumplings is more tasty, having kneaded a milk dough, won't be crowned with success. Broth will become hazy because dumplings will quickly boil soft. Many use scalded method for preparation of the dumplings test, but such recipe is suitable better for fruit vareniki as this dough too gentle and soft. Quality flour for the dumplings test - pledge of the fact that it will turn out really good. It is necessary to use flour only of the highest or first grade, with high content of gluten, otherwise dumplings will boil soft. Determine how good dough turned out, it is possible having cut a ready lump: if on a cut there are no cracks and impregnations of flour, it is possible to start a molding of dumplings.

2. Not to face that dough turns out too hard or liquid it is worth not to relying on an intuition at measuring off of flour and water, it can do to only very skilled hostesses. It is better to use a volumetric glass, then proportions will be observed correctly. It is better to use water for preparation of the dumplings test boiled, but to cool it to room temperature. In spacious capacity break eggs, add salt and water, and all carefully mix. Flour needs previously to be sifted in separate ware, and then a thin stream, at constant stirring, to enter into the received liquid. In capacity dough is kneaded before emergence of total homogeneity and elasticity. Then spread on the clean and dry table which is previously strewed with a layer of flour and, having covered with a clean towel or a napkin, leave for 20 minutes. It is necessary in order that the gluten which is in flour bulked up, and dough gained flexibility. After this term dough is finally kneaded, if necessary adding flour, and remove in the fridge for a couple of hours.

3. Each hostess adheres to the proportions and methods of a batch which were fulfilled for years, or recipes which got in inheritance from mothers or grandmothers. Many prefer to sift flour the hill directly on a table and to pour in the prepared mix of eggs, waters and salts a thin stream in the deepening made in flour. Someone adds vegetable or a desi at production, considering that it will give to the test the improved gustatory qualities. Instead of water use kefir or serum, but nevertheless the classical recipe is recognized as the most suitable for production of the dumplings test.

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