How to do jewelry for cakes

How to do jewelry for cakes

Home-made cakes can look not less effectively, than purchased. The elegant look to them will be given by various jewelry - cream flowers, beautiful borders, figures from chocolate, sugar mastic and caramel. Choose a decor depending on a situation and structure of the cake.

It is required to you

  • - 100 g of a desi;
  • - 2 tablespoons of a condensed milk;
  • - food colors;
  • - flowers and berries;
  • - icing sugar;
  • - egg white;
  • - dark, milk and white chocolate.


1. Roses from kremaprazdnichny biscuit cakes can be decorated with effective cream roses. For their preparation you need a pastry bag with a special insert in the form of a plate. It is simple to make it independently, having cut out from dense cardboard.

2. Prepare cream. Pound a desi with a condensed milk until white. Continue beating until mix becomes magnificent and air. It is possible to shake up cream a nimbus, a fork or the mixer. Having finished, add to the mass of a little food color of pink or yellow color.

3. Start creation of roses. On a fork strengthen the cone which is cut out from a biscuit - it will become the basis for a flower. Lay out cream in a pastry bag and put on a flat wide nozzle its nose. Smooth movements squeeze out cream around a biscuit cone, forming a bud of a rose and imitating wide petals. Layer them at each other - the more layers you will create, the larger the flower will turn out. Place a ready rose on a cake surface.

4. Flowers and berries: simple and effective украшениеОчень stylish ornament - the flowers and berries sprinkled with icing sugar. Such decor will decorate both tiny petit-fours, and magnificent wedding cakes. For ornament choose beautiful large berries of strawberry, a branch of red currant and also flowers of violets or roses.

5. Wash up berries and dry. Dip them in egg white, and then roll in in icing sugar and postpone for drying. Process flowers differently. Choose the beautiful small roses or violets which aren't processed by herbicides. Moisten a brush in egg white, and then carefully grease petals. Strew them with icing sugar - it is convenient to do it by means of a strainer. Move ready flowers on a surface of cake or cake.

6. Chocolate dekorkrasivy jewelry for cakes can be made of chocolate - dark, dairy, white or color flavored. Kindle chocolate on a water bath. On white paper represent drawing contours - a monogram, a letter or a figure. Fill with hot chocolate the confectionery syringe and draw on the planned contour. Let's chocolate stiffen, and then accurately separate figures from paper and transfer to cake.

7. One more option of chocolate jewelry - shaving. A sharp knife you poskoblit a tile, cutting off wide spirals. Chocolate shouldn't be too firm, otherwise shaving will break. Lay a chocolate krausen on a cake surface.

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