How to do pepper brandy

How to do pepper brandy

Pepper tincture is a magnificent homeopathic remedy for cold, the appetite activator, it helps and at indigestions. Pepper brandy — a good flavor additive to soups and sauces and also fine ingredient for various cocktails. For example, many expensive bars and restaurants like to add it to spicy Martini or Bloody Mary.

It is required to you

  • Tincture on hot pepper
  • - 500 milliliters of vodka;
  • - 5 hot peppers;
  • - economic gloves;
  • - funnel.
  • Tincture on a black pepper
  • - 3 / 4 cups of a black pepper;
  • - 750 ml of vodka;
  • - filter.


1. Tincture on a sharp pertsevozmit hot pepper. For tincture Habanero will be suitable such grades as, a Cayenne pepper, to Poblano, Serrano, Chile pepper and a jalapeno. Before starting cutting of pepper, put on economic rubber gloves as in all these grades the content of burning substance – a kapsitsin – in 20 times more than in a paprika. Careless handling of burning pepper can lead not only to irritation, but also to a serious, painful burn.

2. At all peppers cut off a fruit stem and remove seeds – they can impact to vodka a bitter taste. Take a small pan, pour in it in 150 ml of vodka and put 3 pepper from five, put a pan on average fire and, without bringing to the boil, heat mix about 5 minutes. Remove a pan from fire and leave to infuse for 20-60 minutes. During this time vodka will a little be painted and will gain slightly oily texture.

3. Pour infusion in a glass jar or a large bottle with a wide throat, add the remained vodka and pepper, close to bank or a large bottle a tight cover. Make a sticker with the indication of when tincture and what pepper or mix of pepper was made you used. Remove to the dark cool place, for example, in the fridge. Stir up the container with pepper brandy several times in day. Tincture will be ready to use in 3–4 days.

4. Tincture on black of a pertseva you can make tincture and on a black pepper. Make sure that peas fresh – pleasantly smell, not too dry, but also not soft. Take a mortar and a pestle and pound pepper. It has to resemble coffee of a coarse grinding. If you have no mortar, then it is possible to wrap up peas in a cloth and to shatter the knife handle.

5. Pour the crushed pepper into a bottle, fill in with vodka and vigorously stir up 15-20 minutes. Paste on a bottle the label, with date of production. Remove capacity to the dark cool place. You hold pepper brandy there within 2-3 weeks, daily stirring up.

6. Filter pepper brandy via the coffee filter or a strainer, pour in a bottle and you store no more than one year. Through this time tincture won't be spoiled, but will lose aroma and smack.

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